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A welcome to 218's Correspondence Circle

Membership of the Correspondence Circle is open to all Master Masons in good standing, whether in Victoria or without.

Masonic Square and CompassesMasonic Square and CompassesMasonic Square and Compasses

Correspondence Circle Benefits

Members of the Correspondence Circle enjoy the same privileges as Full Members, except the right to vote or hold office. They are entitled to attend any meeting of the Lodge, including the opening, and can expect a hearty welcome from the Worshipful Master and all present.

As well as adding your support to the work of the Lodge, additional benefits of membership include:

  • To receive annually a copy of the Lodge Transactions. These are usually published in April/May each year.

  • To receive Lodge Summonses which are accompanied by "Thoughts for the Inquiring Mason".

  • To purchase, at discount rates, recommended publications. A list will be circulated to members.

  • To submit any questions on masonic history, customs, etc., to which a considered reply will be given.

CC Members will receive mailings in May (including the annual Transactions), August, November of each year.

Masonic Square and CompassesMasonic Square and CompassesMasonic Square and Compasses


Costs and contact enquiries

Annual Subscriptions (please note that these may vary without notice):

CC Members resident in Australia: $30
CC members resident Overseas: €20.00 - £15.00 - US$25.00
       Currency notes are acceptable.

Requests for more information about the Correspondence Circle may be e-mailed to the Lodge Secretary, Alan Jennings, PGIW.

Requests need to include your name, rank, address and post code (zip code), your e-mail address (if any), the name and number of your Lodge and Constitution.