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Working Freemasonry, 2010

  • 'Comparative Ritual: Order of the Mystic Chalice', V.Wor. Bro. Graeme Love, KL, PGIW
  • 'The Chaplain, Prayers and the Lodge', Wor.Bro.V.Rev. Frederick A. Shade PJGD
  • 'Mechanics behind a Hand Drawn Tracing Board', Wor. Bro Fred van den Berg, PM
  • 'Sir Christopher Wren – Freemason?', W.Bro. Iain Taylor, 218 DC
  • 'Dr Fludd and Freemasonry', W.Bro. Brendan Kyne, 218 SD
  • '2nd Degree Tracing Board', W.Bro. John Manning, 218 SW
  • 'Hidden Mysteries of Nature and Science', Bro. Attilio Gangemi, 218 JD
  • 'Theosis in Freemasonry', Wor. Bro. J-M. David, PM, 218 W.M.

  • 23

    Pondering Freemasonry, 2009

  • 'In Search of a Deeper Meaning', Wor. Bro. Paul Alexander, PGStdB, 218 IPM
  • 'A Study of Comparative Ritualism', V.Wor. Bro. Graeme Love, KL, PGIW
  • 'The Masonic Marianne', Wor. Bro. Philip Carter, PM (NSW)
  • 'Order out of Chaos', W.Bro. N.D. Peterson, 33, FPS (USA)
  • 'The Spirit of Secularism in Freemasonry', Wor. Bro. J-M. David, PM, 218 W.M.
  • Miscellanea:
       'A – Report: 2nd ICHF, Edinburgh', Wor.Bro.V.Rev. Frederick A. Shade PJGD
       'B – Review: Cooper’s KTs in Scotland', Wor.Bro.V.Rev. Frederick A. Shade PJGD

  • 22

    Masonic Proclivities, 2008

  • 'A Medical Approach to the Penalties', Dr G. Moellar (UGL NSW & ACT)
  • 'English Freemasonry 1700-1850 in a social context', P. Hellier
  • 'Freemasonry and the Enlightenment', Mr J. Steele (Freelance writer & publisher)
  • 'The Religious Mind of the Crusades', Rev. Dr I. Hunter
  • 'Eleusinian Mysteries and Rites', N. Cheney
  • 'The Future of Education in the Masonic Edifice', M. Hallam (G. Sup. of Ed.)
  • 'Free Thinking and our Critics', P. Alexander (218 WM)
  • 'The Five Senses according to LeTellier's Scottish Rite Fellowcraft', N. Peterson (218CC USA)
  • Miscellanea:
       'Freemasonry "Our Future!"', E. Holland

  • 21

    Masonic Cravings, 2007

  • 'The Keystone: some thoughts', G. C. Love
  • 'The "Egyptian" Connection', J-M. David
  • 'Jacob's Ladder', F. Shade
  • 'Let's Face Reality', P. Alexander
  • Three presentations::
       'The Masonic Temple: a sacred space', G. Robinson
       'Sacred Inner Space: a masonic spirituality', P Kissick
       'The Origins of Freemasonry Revisited', B. Kyne
  • 'The Strange Slow Death of Mateship in Australia', Dr Bob James(Newcastle, Australia)
  • 'Pure - and Accepted - Freemasonry',J. Daniel UGLE
  • Miscellanea:
       'Reflecting on the Reasons for Preparation', R. Ziegeler

  • 20

    Masonic Reflections, 2006

  • 'I Shew You A Mystery?', A. Richmond
  • 'Freemasonry and the Fundamentalists', A. Gale
  • 'Bro. Henry Melville, First Masonic Writer in Australia', Mr Guy Featherstone, (Melb. Uni.)
  • Mystic Apprentice Grade - mid-18th century Ritual, 218 & Kring N.H. team
  • 'Is Freemasonry a total Moral Philosophy', F. Black
  • 'Science, Masonry and the Third Millenium', R. Barnes, [2006 K.L. for Victoria]
  • 'Masonic Heresies?', F. Shade, 218 W.M.
  • 'Views on the Influence of Modern Masonic Writers', M. Treseder
  • Miscellanea:
       'W.Bro. William Little of Ballarat', F. Shade, 218 W.M.

  • 19

    Masonic Endeavours, 2005

  • 'Ritual - its importance and meaning', V. G. Popow [Canada]
  • 'The Virtues of a Freemason' G. Beasley
  • 'Sir Henry Brown Hayes - an appraisal', G. C. Love
  • 'Freemasonry in Malta 1738-1798', P. Alexander
  • 'United Grand Lodges of Australia', K. Henderson
  • 'The Operative Legacy within Scottish Freemasonry', R. Cooper [GLS, ANZMRC speaker]
  • 'The Grand Lodges of Germany', G. Tweedle, 434 W.M.
  • 'Murat Ritual: 1st degree presentation', 218 & Kring N.H. team
  • 'Is it Charity or Benevolence?', I. Richard, 218 W.M.
  • 'Five Rooms of Trestleboards', N. D. Peterson [33 deg S.J., USA]
  • 'Think Freemasonry', G. C. Love

  • 18

    Masonic Perusings, 2004

  • 'Prince Hall Revisited', T. Pope
  • 'Architecture as Architect' - M. Alford [Kellerman lecturer]
  • 'George Coppin: a man of infinite variety', R. Ziegler
  • 'Freemasonry in Malta 1738-1798', P. Alexander
  • 'The First Degree Tracing Board', J-M David
  • 'Freemasonry & Community in 19th century Victoria', Mrs M. Chapman
  • 'The Symbolism of Opening and Closing of the Lodge', A. Jennings, 218 W.M.
  • 'The Lives and Ideas of Five Esotericists in Masonry', D. Slater
  • Miscellanea:
       'Ecclesiastes - a spiritualist's view', G. Dolezal
       'Ritual alone is not enough' & 'Mission thoughts', I. Richards, 218 S.W.

  • 17

    Masonic Inducements, 2003

  • 'Lesser Known Orders of Freemasonry', K. Henderson
  • 'Masonic Membership Myths debunked', J. Belton
  • 'What is a "CRC"?', G. Love
  • 'de Labarre Group - Fellowcraft Ritual', G. Love - team leader
  • 'The Psychology of Freemasonry', Very Rev. F. Shade
  • 'The Influence of the Renaissance and Reformation on Freemasonry', Rev. G. Hamill
  • 'Freemasonry Falsified', J. Boardman, 218 W.M.
  • 'Comparative Freemasonry in Zimbabwe', A. Rodwell-Ball
  • 'The King James version of the VOSL', Rev. Dr T. McKenna

  • 16

    Masonic Revelations, 2002

  • 'Degree of English Master (or the Golden Ring)', N. Morse
  • 'Instruction and improvements in mysteries of the Ancient Science', I. Richards, 218 J.W.
  • 'The re-formed Triad Rite', G. Love and N. Morse
  • 'The Illuminati!', H. Ritossa
  • 'Netherlands Freemasonry and Kring Nieuw Holland', H. van Tongeren
  • 'Contemplating Freemasonry', S. Khan, 218 W.M.
  • 'The origins of the Craft', L. Kumar, W.M. Fidelity L. of Research (Malaysia)
  • 'Freemasonry in the stars of the Southern Heavens', N. D. Peterson [Oregon, USA]
  • Miscellanea:
       'Preserving our Masonic Heritage'

  • 15

    Unearthing Masonry, 2001

  • 'Ancient Freemasonry in sight', C. E. Griffiths [NZ Constitution]
  • 'Lithopatry', G. Love
  • 'Freemasonry: a systems thinking approach', R. Calil
  • 'Penalties and Obligations', A. E. Jennings, PJGD
  • 'W.C. Vahland: architect, citizen, freemason', D. Beagley
  • 'Vice Regal Grand Masters - who and why?', K. Henderson
  • 'Masonic Winds of Change - the many but one', G. Love
  • 'Antient Landmarks of Freemasonry', Bruce C. Gibson, 218 W.M.
  • Miscellanea:
       'Torres Straits Lodge #92', A. Wakeman
       'MW Bro. G. Divan: a brief biography

  • 14

    Masonic Musings, 2000

  • 'The Scottish Cross of Lorraine', G. Love
  • 'Adoniram, The Superintendent of Works on Mt Lebanon', W. Whitford
  • 'Position of a Mentor Officer in a Craft Lodge', K. Hollingsworth
  • 'Myth, Mystery and Freemasonry', L. Lacey
  • 'Judaic Aspects of Freemasonry', Y. Beresiner
  • 'From Darkness to Light in the Public Interest', B. Gibson
  • 'Transfiguration in the Lodge', Rev. N.D. Anderson, 218 WM
  • 'The Craft in Islamic Countries', K. Henderson
  • 'Rosslyn', L.L. Burton
  • 'The Birth of an Old Country Lodge (In the beginning)', J.F. Buchanan
  • Miscellanea:
       'Search for Light', A. Weins

  • 13

    Studies in Masonry, 1999

  • 'Some thoughts on Masonic approach to Self development', P. Hellier
  • 'Some thoughts on the alleged Egyptian origin of Freemasonry', J. Boardman
  • 'Freemasonry and the enlightenment', D. Beagley
  • 'Seven Liberal Arts and Science', K. Hollingsworth
  • 'A politico-masonic historico-origin of the Scottish Rite', G. C. Love
  • 'Freemasonry in a changing society', Rev. G. Hamill
  • 'Some aspects of Cryptic Masonry', R. Fletcher
  • 'Ecclesiastes and the Christian Freemason', Rev. G. Hamill, 218 W.M.
  • 'Masonic Rosicrucianism, Origins and aspects', V. Popow
  • 'Freemasonry - "We'd better lift our game for the sake of it"', N. Sedgman

  • 12

    Uncovering Freemasonry, 1998

  • 'A Look at Holy Royal Arch Masonry', T. Hodges
  • 'Melchisedek - an appraisal', G.C. Love
  • 'Psychology and Freemasonry', Dr J. Hurley
  • 'Inner and Outer Temples', Rev. N.D. Anderson
  • 'Allegory as a Tool of Liberation and Fulfilment of the Freemason', K. Hollingsworth, 218 WM
  • 'The Hiramic Legend Completed?', H. Van Tongeren
  • 'The Tao of the Mosaic Pavement', P. Kum
  • 'The Global Lodge Room', A. Wallace
  • 'Freemasonry in the Queanbeyan-Canberra area (1877-1939)', R.J. Linford
  • 'Masonic Activities in POW Camps, Malaya and Singapore', N. Morse
  • Book Review:

  • 11

    Examining Masonry, 1997

  • 'Christianity and Freemasonry', Rev. N. Anderson
  • 'The Church and Anti-Masonry', Rev. G. Hamill
  • 'Masonic Symbols - their use and abuse', Prof. W. McLeod
  • 'The First Three Degrees of the French ("Clifford") Rituals', N. Morse
  • 'Christian Anti-Masonry - an Australian perspective', J. McKenzie
  • 'History of the AASR in Australia', M. Moyle
  • 'A Woman's Place in Freemasonry', G.C. Love, 218 WM
  • 'Harnessing Technology for Freemasonry', S. Procop
  • Book Review:
       'K. Flynn's Behind the Wire', Maj.Gen. F.E. Poke

  • 10

    Masonic Speculations, 1996

  • 'A Speculative Talk on German Masonry', B. E. Lux
  • 'Man, Music and Masonry', Rev. F. Shade
  • 'The Central Pillar', R. R. Belshaw
  • 'Do we really Understand the Structural Concept Known as "Freemasonry"!?', G. C. Love
  • 'The Knights Templars and Early Freemasonry - a Connection?', G. Mapstone
  • 'God and Freemasonry', K. Hollingsworth 218 W.M.
  • 'The Knights Templar as the Origin of Speculative Freemasonry', M. Moyle
  • 'The Beginning of Lodge Liberation No 674', F. S. Whelan
  • 'Background to Israel and the Temple', G. Hamill
  • Freemasonry through the Adversity of the Orient', Cptn Storey [USA]
  • Miscellanea:
       'The Porphyry Stone'

  • 09

    Freemasonry Uncovered, 1995

  • 'Australian Jews and Freemasonry', Rabbi R. Apple
  • 'Why Ritual? (ritual and health)', V. Rev. F. Shade
  • 'Neglected Aspects of the Three Degrees', Rev. N.B. Cryer
  • 'Secrecy and Freemasonry', H. Van Tongeran, 218 WM
  • 'The 333 Association - a masonic institution', D.K. Rhodes
  • 'The Irish Connection: Freemasonry in the colonies', R. Cook
  • 'The Masonic Knights Templar - Australian history', A.L. Vassie
  • 'The Crosses of Templary', C.T. Stigger
  • 'Military Lodges of the American Revolution', K.J. Norris
  • 'Laying Foundation Stones in the 19th Century', D.K. Rhodes
  • 'A Plea for More Light', P. Kum

  • 08

    Masonic Inspirations, 1994

  • 'The First Stationary Australian Masonic Lodge', R. Linford
  • 'Development of the First Degree Tracing Board', A. Cook
  • 'Rites of Passage and Masonic Initiation', F. Shade
  • 'The Story (and demonstration) of the Summer St John's Lodge', lead by H. Van Tongeran
  • 'A Prescription for Masonic Renewal', K. Henderson
  • 'Freemasonry in Asia', G.A. Bowers, 218 WM
  • 'Wagner, an enigma answered', G.C. Love
  • 'The Symbolism and Design of the Masonic Apron', C.J.E. Hudspeth
  • 'Freemasonry on Top of the World (Bolivian Freemasonry)', J. Howie
  • 'Our Emblem - the Lamp of Knowledge', E.R. Cornish
  • 'Pythagoras, Society, the Self and Freemasonry', K. Hollingsworth

  • 07

    Masonic Contemplations, 1993

  • 'French Lodges in Australia and New Zealand', B. Calliard
  • 'Fire, Air, Earth and Water', A. Gosbell
  • 'The Fatherhood of God and The Universal Brotherhood', B. Hitchin
  • 'A Masonic Wedding', K. Henderson
  • 'Volume of the Sacred Law, the Supreme Being and Freemasonry', G. Love
  • 'Unusual Masonic Ceremonies', C. Batham
  • 'Bro. Alberto Zelman? (his masonic music) Father and Son - their part in Melbourne's Musical History', B. Herrod
  • 'The Art of Progressive Science', R. Belshaw
  • 'Mark Masonry', R. Grosskopff
  • 'Freemasonry at sea - the researchings of an old sea captain', Cptn R. Storey
  • '“Be Ye All of One Mind...”', B. Jensen

  • 06

    Masonic Foundations, 1992

  • 'Aiming in the Right Direction', C.L. Austin
  • 'Freemasonry in the Netherlands', H.F. Van Tongeran
  • 'The Psychology of Initiation', G.A. Bowers
  • 'Solomon, the Copper King', B.Coff
  • 'What the Degree Ritual does not explain in the Three Degrees', M. Moyle, 218 WM
  • 'Mathematics in Freemasonry: a masonic exploration using number as the working tool', J.C. Mead
  • 'The Spiritual Basis upon which Freemasonry Rests', P. Duke
  • 'A Journey Round the Pillars', J.R. Paternoster
  • 'An Historical and Sociological Survey of Masonic Exposures', P.T. Thornton
  • 'The Key to Craft Ritual', R.C.C. Risk

  • 05

    Masonic Challenges, 1991

  • 'The History, Development and Current State of English Freemasonry', J.M. Hamill
  • 'Early Freemasonry in Russia', D.C. Stocks
  • 'Rudyard Kipling - Master of his Craft', W.M. Caulfield
  • 'Who Really was Ruth?', S.W. Martin
  • 'Overseas Masonic Practices - What can they teach us?', K.W. Henderson, 218 WM
  • 'The Consequences of Cut-Rate Masonry', P.H.I. Green
  • 'Further Explorations of the Three Tracing Boards', M. Moyle
  • 'Australasian Lodges of Research: an historical overview', A.R.F. Pope, 216 WM (SA)

  • 04

    Masonic Impressions, 1990

  • '"That's What Freemasonry is All About - isn't it?"', Neville B. Cryer
  • 'History - why we haven't learned its lessons', P.T. Thornton
  • 'Knights Templarism within the Masonic Framework', G.C. Love
  • 'The Odes of Masonry', J.G. Sullivan
  • 'Sacred Geometry and the Golden Section', P.M. Kelly
  • 'Scouting and Freemasonry', F.H. Benson, 218 WM
  • 'Hebrew and Freemasonry', A. Blashki
  • 'Mother Kilwinnin No. 0', A.J. Page (1968)
  • 'The Real Robert Burns', J.T. Picken (1960)

  • 03

    Masonic Encounters, 1989

  • 'A Peculiar System - But does it matter?', J.G. Sullivan
  • 'The Lure of Utopia', R.R. Belshaw
  • 'The Day we Completed the Temple', R.V. John
  • 'Being in the Right Place', J.A. Redding
  • 'The Pathways of Freemasonry', F.F. Hudson
  • 'Mysticism and Masonry', L.S. Lacey
  • 'What is Freemasonry', S.A. Austin
  • 'Where are all the Masons?', J.W. Heatley, 218 WM

  • 02

    Masonic Discoveries, 1988


  • 01

    Insights Into Masonry, 1987

  • 'Brother among Masons', J.G. Sullivan
  • 'Some Things that Matter', W.W. Starling
  • 'Italian Freemasonry and the "P2" Incident', K. Henderson
  • 'Whence Come You? Whither Directing Your Course?', P. Pothecary
  • 'Religious Aspects of the Ritual', Rev. G. Poliness
  • 'The Glory in the Centre', G.J. Howe
  • 'A Journey Through the Third Degree', K.G. Linton
  • 'The Signs and Symbols Associated with the Original Australians', F.C. McDonough
  • 'Master Craftsmen from Tubal-Cain to Hiram of Tyre', Reg. I. George
  • 'Mediaeval Masonry Today', L.V. Cox
  • 'Symbolism - an extension of the Working Tools', F.W. Oldfield, 218 WM

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